Our procurement services division has the in-house resources to efficiently and effectively locate, evaluate, purchase and arrange for the logistics of materials to any warehouse or project site. Our procurement staffs are familiar with the markets, customs and environmental regulations, permitting requirements and laws of our clientele’s host communities. This localized knowledge is essential for expediting orders and quickly solving community-related problems. Our expertise spans the entire supply chain, from sourcing, purchasing and transportation/logistics to inventory control, inspection and quality assurance. Every item we deliver must comply with our exacting quality and safety requirements.

In addition, we are authorized distributors / representatives of a handful of renowned manufacturers; hence providing clients with short lead time on orders.

Our procurement services capability includes:

  • Liquid and Gas metering and regulating systems.
  • Mechanical equipment.
  • Instrumentation and Electrical equipment.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Composite pipeline repair and Corrosion protection products.
  • Communication equipment.
  • Oil country tubular goods (OCTGs).
  • Hoses and Couplings.
  • Lubricants.

Offshore Support And Maritime Security

Our offshore support and maritime security services division is committed to providing first class offshore support and maritime security services to the oil and gas industry.

Founded on the principles of client satisfaction, operational quality, safety and protection of the environment, we have strived to provide our clients with excellence in services. Primarily catering to clients within the West African sub region that are engaged in offshore oil and gas exploration and production, our competence in ship management and operatorship of spot and long-term charters for managed and operated vessels, which includes crewing and vessel maintenance.

We have certifications and accreditations from the various regulatory institutions on maritime security and safety, local content and cabotage such as; Nigerian Navy, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Nigerian Petroleum Exchange, (NIPEX), British Safety Council, Nigerian Content and Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) and Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA).

We are one of the few private maritime security services companies that have a collaborative relationship with the Nigerian Navy for the use of armed naval personnel.

As a rapidly growing company we are constantly expanding and improving the services we provide both within and beyond our core businesses in order to satisfy our clients' demands. With our local and foreign joint ventures/technical partnerships we have a greater reach and the resources to provide our clients with any specification of offshore support equipment to suit their various project requirements at very competitive rates.

Our fleet details are as follows:

Anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTSVs)

Fast support intervention vessels (FSIVs)

Crew boats.

Platform supply vessels (PSVs)

Escort / Patrol boats


Accommodation work barges (AWBs)

Deck Cargo barges

We are constantly upgrading our managed fleet with diverse modern vessels

Maritime Brokerage

With the regular fluctuations and volatility in asset prices outside the historical range of performance, the current sale and purchase (S&P) market is a unique and challenging environment. Record demand for vessels sits alongside unprecedented order books; ship owners need a broker capable of offering an accurate perspective on the present and future state of the market. Our experienced team of partner brokers placed strategically in various offices around the world, active in all areas of the market – from dry bulk vessels, offshore support vessels to tankers and containers – with a worldwide network of contacts at their disposal. In addition to new building specialist partners in London, Shanghai, Singapore, Delhi, Dubai and Hamburg who are in regular communication with all the major shipyards. Our clients value our discreet and dynamic service in the following market areas:

  • New buildings.
  • Re-sales.
  • Secondhand and Demolition.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our D&A testing services include:
  • Drug and Alcohol analytical solutions.
  • An extensive onboard urine sample collection and clinical services.
  • Analysis for benzene exposure.
  • Sampling kit complying to US coast guard SMI requirements. Saliva alcohol tests.

Integrity Tests And Inspections

Pressure Testing

We offer pressure testing services for an extensive range of pressures, from relatively low (a few psi) to high (up to 30,000 psi). We can test up to 30,000 psi with liquid or nitrogen. We maintain a range of electronic pressure transducers to cover virtually all pressures. These transducers all have a current calibration certificate traceable to NIST standards.
The instrumentation we use varies according to the needs of the job in hand, ranging from manually recording data to high-speed, multi-channel computer based data logging. Many tests can be documented with a simple chart recording of pressure versus time.

Our pressure testing services include: Hydrostatic and Pneumatic testing of flow control equipment, treating/discharge irons, pipes, hoses, valves, fittings and vessels.

Pressure safety relief valves. Our mobile testing workshop enable us provide on-site services to our Clientele, at a location that is most convenient to them; thus saving time and money if components were sent off-site.

30,000 PSI Hydrostatic Pressure Pump (Hydraton Brand)

Our Pressure Testing Bay

Flow Control Equipment Management / Rental

This service provides our clientele with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, maintaining, and recertifying their flow control equipment. Benefits:
  • Elimination of the upfront cost of purchasing new flow control equipment
  • Elimination of the cost of commissioning new flow control equipment
  • Elimination of the cost of borrowing money
  • Elimination of the cost of replacing expendable parts
  • Elimination of the cost of labour associated with repair and inventory during down-time
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Maximization of the useful life of the equipment
  • Enhancing equipment safety and reliability in the field
  • Third party certifiable safety on the job site
  • Access to our internet-based equipment management database for up-to-date electronic information
  • These allow our clientele to focus on their primary business, as we ensure that all their flow control equipment are in compliance. Features Include; Monthly reports on rental equipment highlighting all equipment on rental, length of time on rental, and changes to date by part number for all equipment rented. Daily rates, Monthly rates or Annual rates. 24-hour/7-day a week service. Pickup and Delivery service available. Containers and Baskets can be provided for large inventories. Quick response to customer emergency requirements. Fully certified equipment packages available to health, safety, and environmental requirements.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspections

Our NDT inspection teams are headed by senior level III managers are the most highly qualified, trained and certified to PCN and or ASNT levels. We operate a robust web based 'paperless reports' system that allows clients to review the operational status of their inventory including analysis, test results and certification anytime, anywhere. At the client’s request, the system can also manage extensive client inventories flagging up when particular equipment is due for calibration along with pending testing recommendations.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Our NDT services include:

Visual Inspection (VT)

This method involves both direct and indirect visual inspection techniques, direct inspection is where the material is inspected directly by the human eye with no additional visual aids, indirect inspection may involve the use of magnifying glass, mirror, bore scope (mini camera), closed-circuit TV etc. Visual inspection is a crucial NDT method which is too often overlooked, but a visual examination of an equipment can often reveal obvious problem areas, such as leaks, excess vibration, corrosion or misalignment, this inspection technique is very cost effective and can be used to identify areas that require further NDT applications.

Particle Inspection (MPI) and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

These lines of NDT surface examination are offered to our clientele on a daily basis. Our expertise in these NDT techniques guarantees our clientele of good quality service. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Popularly known as Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Inspection is an NDT technique whereby ultrasonic frequency waves are used to examine the structural integrity of a given item, including the detection and location of the flaw. It can also be used to measure thickness. We have a broad range of ultrasonic testing equipment that serves our clientele in various areas of their specific needs. Most of our UT thickness gauging instruments have data logging features and echo-echo abilities. Benefits are on-the-spot readiness of inspection reports coupled with productive time savings from not removing paint coatings before inspection.

Radiographic Testing (RT)

Also known as Industrial Radiography is an NDT method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials.

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

This is basically used to inspect Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioners (HVACs), Heat Exchangers, Welds and various other types of infrastructure. Our eddy current inspection engineers have got experiences on the job as well as classroom training on eddy current inspection up to international standards.

Lifting Equipment Inspections and Load Testing

Since becoming a member of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) in the UK, we have led the field in hoisting and lifting gear inspections. We perform a comprehensive regime of testing, inspections and certification under the guidance of our in house LEEA qualified technicians who follow the latest LOLER, PUWER and British standard guidelines to comply with current legislation backed by our UK based operational centre. Our inspection and testing services cover an extensive range of lifting equipment and associated accessories. In addition, all of our lifting technicians are ASNT or PCN level II qualified in MPI and DPI as a minimum to ensure the structural integrity and safe working conditions of the lifting equipment. Our inspectors are also qualified to carry out pedestal crane and ancillary equipment certification, incorporating the service and repair of winches under the employment of Braden Paccar certified mechanics. We operate a robust web based 'Paperless Reports' system that allows clients to review the operational status of their inventory including analysis, test results and certification. This system is accessible from any location. At the client’s request, the system can also manage extensive inventory flagging up when particular equipment is due for calibration along with the pending testing recommendations.

To compliment these services we offer a complete range of dynamic load testing equipment with load cell capacities from 20 Tons through to 150 Tons utilizing both concrete blocks and an extensive range of water bag capacities.

Our lifting equipment inspection and load testing services include;

Fixed & Loose Lifting Equipment Visual and NDT Inspections on:

  • Mobile Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Crawler Cranes and Forklifts.
  • Piping and Gas Racks, Offshore Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs) and Containers
  • Lifting Gears: -Shackles, Slings, IWRC Wire Ropes, Nylon Ropes, Etc.
  • Lifting Appliances: -Chain Blocks, Come-Along (Lever Hoist), Gantries, Etc.
  • Load Tests on:

  • Offshore and Onshore cranes
  • Lifeboat and Davits
  • Pad eyes
  • Offshore cargo carrying units (CCUs)
  • Crane and Wire ropes (to destruction if required)
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inspections

    We were originally conceived to provide internationally recognized standards of NDT Inspection and OCTG services to the otherwise ill-served Nigerian oil and gas sector. We offer DS1 CAT 1-5 & API RP7-G to drilling contractors and as such have expanded very quickly having invested heavily in technology and training. Our OCTG teams are a blend of the most highly qualified Inspectors available.

    We operate a robust web based 'paperless reports' system that allows clients to review the operational status of their inventory including analysis, test results and certification anytime anywhere. At the client’s request, the system can also manage extensive client inventories flagging up when particular equipment is due for calibration along with the pending testing recommendations.

    Our OCTG inspection services include:

    • Pipe inspections to DS1 3rd edition CAT1-CAT5
    • Pipe inspections to API RP7-G & NS1/NS2.
    • Inspection of Drill pipes, Hevi-wate, Drill collars, Subs and Cross-overs
    • Full length API drifting
    • Bottom-hole assembly (BHA)
    • ID & OD dimensional checks
    • Hardness testing
    • Full EMI scanning
    • Portable connection re-facing
    • MPI/DPI/UT inspections
    • High pressure external & internal cleaning

    Subsea Riser Inspections and Flotation Repairs

    As one of the leading providers of marine riser inspection and flotation repair services in the industry. Operating out of our purpose built facility; we are equipped to undertake marine riser inspections and flotation module repairs on behalf of our clients. In co-operation with our technical partner, these services can be mobilized almost anywhere by experienced subsea engineers and NDT technicians. We understand the necessity of a third party ad-hoc and five yearly periodic inspections on marine drilling risers which left unattended to, can cause significant drilling downtime and have cardinal financial impacts on the contractor.

    Our subsea riser inspection and flotation repair services include:
    • Removal of flotation and preparation for blasting including the provision of scaffolding as required.
    • Painting and blasting to client specification.
    • NDT inspection and gauging to confirm required measurements.
    • Repair of floatation module as required.

    Asset Integrity Inspections

    Given our expertise in oilfield inspection services, we are leading experts in Asset Integrity Inspections of onshore and offshore assets. We understand the necessity in maintaining our client’s assets effectively to negate the need for unplanned shutdowns and prolong asset availability/end of life.
    Our own in house teams of highly qualified NDT/QA Technicians, coupled with rope access experience are able to conduct a multitude of class leading asset integrity inspections on clients equipment whether it be key structural elements on platforms such as decks, tanks, hulls and legs through to pipe work, tank gauging or fixed lifting equipment. Integrity inspections can be tailored made or conducted in accordance with the clients own or OIM's specifications. We are also able to conduct ABS & DNV classification inspections for Hull thickness gauging.
    We operate a robust web based 'paperless reports' system that allows clients to review the operational status of their equipment including analysis, test results and certification anytime anywhere.

    Hull Structural Thickness Gauging

    Given our expertise in oilfield inspection services, it comes as no surprise to learn that we are considered the leading experts in hull tank thickness gauging.
    Our technicians are able to measure the residual thickness of tanks using NDT techniques, predominately with the use of the latest UT (Ultrasonic) technology. Gauging inspections can be conducted in accordance with ABS and DNV classifications and under the supervision of the clients nominated surveyor whether they be ad hoc or periodic. Given the locations inaccessibility in analyzing and testing these assets, IRATA trained technicians are utilized to conduct the assessments.

    Derrick Inspections

    We are equipped to conduct a full range of derrick inspections on clients’ assets whether they are dolly track alignments, NDT inspections or bolt change outs. Naturally all of these services are carried out in accordance with the relevant API Category 4 inspection criteria.
    For ease of execution and significant cost savings a majority of our Derrick Inspection services can be carried out by multi disciplined IRATA trained professionals and under the supervision of a Level III rope access technician.

    Our derrick inspection services include:
    • NDT inspections including MPI, DPI, ECT, RT & UT.
    • Bolt change outs and tensioning.
    • Lifting gear.
    • Derrick and Dolly track alignments surveys.
    • Runway beams and Lifting frames.
    • Crown inspections.
    Rope Access

    We are a leading rope access provider within the region. We employ highly skilled, multi disciplined IRATA trained technicians. Naturally, all of our crews are supervised by seasoned IRATA Level III supervisors in accordance with the UK bodies’ strict guidelines for rope access operations.
    Our ability to deploy multi skilled crews usually within 48hrs of the client’s initial enquiry into the most onerous of environments from high pressure cleaning, rig building, unplanned shutdowns and NDT inspections to asset integrity programmes; has earned the company an enviable reputation in this field.

    Our IRATA trained multi disciplined crews are able to conduct the following rope access services:
    • Multi skilled coded welding.
    • Asset integrity inspections.
    • Maintenance and Repairs.
    • Welding inspections.
    • Fabrication supervision.
    • Plating and Pipe fitting.
    • Level III NDT inspection.
    • Scaffolding.
    • Level III rigging.
    • Rig building.
    • Rig/Derrick inspections.
    • Lifting inspections.
    • Painting/Blasting and high pressure cleaning.


    Valve Repairs
    • We provide full valve repair services and maintenance programs for our clientele, saving them time and money by repairing their valves online, onsite, or in our valve repair workshop. As new valves;
    • Are expensive.
    • Require long manufacturing and delivery lead times.
    • Require outage, shutdown or turnaround windows for installation.
    • Often require special engineering for rigging and restraint for safe removal.
    • Are labour intensive and the equipment expensive to install.
    How qualified are we to Repair your Valves?
    • Over a decade of valve maintenance experience, in over 175 land, swamp and offshore locations.
    • NISP certified personnel.
    • ISO 14001 and 9001 compliancy.
    • Strict compliance to the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) specifications.
    • Strict compliance to ASME, NASE and ANSI standards and codifications.
    • Key maintenance projects for DSV Pipetronix Ltd., BG Technical Ltd., Cost Cutter Ltd., Chenotech Ltd., Fredrikov Ltd., BJ Services Ltd., Matrix Petrochem Ltd., Etc.
    • Pioneering indigenous industry standard online, in-line and on-stream valve maintenance services for shell petroleum development company (SPDC) pipelines-Western and Eastern operations.
    • 24/7 emergency response capability with skilled, flexible and safety certified technicians for unscheduled repairs.
    Valve Maintenance
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream ball valve maintenance.
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream gate valve maintenance.
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream globe valve maintenance.
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream control valve maintenance.
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream block valve maintenance.
    • On-line, In-line and On-stream valve actuation maintenance.
    • On-site pre-testing and Repairs for HF and Sulphuric alkalization PRV’s.
    • Process manual valve repair program for refineries, chemical plants, power generation and pipelines.
    • Pipeline valve conversions, PM maintenance, repairs, and testing (6D).
    • Total valve inspection, modification and machining, welding, repair, repacking, testing and documentation services for any valve brand.
    • Valve management data base software program.
    Pipeline Services
    • Pig trap repair.
    • Barrel door servicing, seal replacement, re-alignment, overhauling.
    • Pig signaller (extrusive) on-line repair, servicing and over-haul.
    • Drain and vent line blocking.
    • Drain and vent line design, fabrication, upgrades and installation.
    • Pig trap PRV’s repair and servicing.

    Leak Repair Services

    We provide non-destructive, on-site, on-stream leak repair services for process, steam, water, or air leaks. These repair services are made at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1,700 Degrees Fahrenheit, and pressures from vacuum to 6,000 Psig.

    Flange Leak Repair
    • Leaking, cracked, or broken flanges.
    • Hub-weld leaks.
    • Out of round, mismatched, tapered gap leaks.
    • Case joint leaks (on rotating equipment).
    • Valve bonnet leaks (oval, round or square).
    • Leaks from rough pitted outer diameters (ODs).
    • Lap joint leaks.
    • Flat face flange leaks.
    • Leaking flanges of different diameter (with common center).
    • Leaks from flanges with smooth outer diameters (ODs).
    Piping and Fitting Leak Repair
    • AII leaks.
    • Screwed, welded, socket welded or seamless leaks–45 and 90 Degrees EII leaks; long or short radius eII leaks.
    • Tee leaks.
    • Screwed, welded or socket welded leaks.
    • Seamless leaks.
    • Pipe (Straight line) leaks.
    • Welded, pinhole, crack or corrosion leaks.
    • Underground, underwater or overhead leaks.
    • Union/Coupling leaks.
    Expansion Joint Leak Repair
    • All bellow-type joint leaks.
    • Effective on any temperature or pressure.
    • Applicable on any joint designated for longitudinal movement.
    • Any chicksan joint, dock, loading arm leak.
    • Ball joint leaks.
    • Telescoping and other manufactured joint leaks.
    Valve Seat Leak Repair
    • Ball valve drill and Tap seat.
    • Gate valve drill and Tap seat.
    • Plug valve drill and Tap seat.
    Killing and Sealing Valve Leak Repair
    • Repacking valve glands on-line (Drill and Tape).
    • Repacking valves (Conventional).
    • Quadra-seal injection system.
    • Replacing gland follower bolts.


    We provide the below Turnaround, Shutdown, and Outage services;

    • On-stream and On-site industrial leak sealing.
    • Hot tapping.
    • Line stopping.
    • Field machining.
    • Bolt tensioning and torqueing.
    • Valve repairs of all types.
    • Fugitive emission control.
    • Concrete repairs.


    Maintenance Type Description Frequency
    Routine Maintenance (4” & Above).
    • Opening of valve gear box.
    • Removal of caked/denatured grease.
    • Servicing and Replacement of components.
    • Reinstatement servicing of valve system.
    • Testing/Close out.
    Preventive Maintenance (6” & Above).
    • Opening of valve gear box.
    • Removal of caked/denatured grease (six monthly).
    • Servicing and replacement of components.
    • Reinstatement servicing of valve system.
    • Valve flushing and sealant injection.
    • Testing/Closing
    Corrective Maintenance.
    • Opening of valve gear box.
    • (Overhaul and Repairs) Removal of caked/denatured grease.
    • Servicing and Replacement of components.
    • Reinstatement servicing of valve system.
    • Valve flushing and sealant injection.
    • Machining, milling, re-facing.
    • Modification of upgrades.
    • Valve and Actuator calibration.
    Call out/Call off Basis.

    Comparative Cost Advantage of On-Line Valve Maintenance

    On-Line Preventive Maintenance (Valve Routine Servicing).
    • Cost Estimate for a typical 20’’ Valve:
      This Cost Estimate is all Inclusive of disassembly of gear assembly, removal of caked or denatured grease, cleaning and inspection of components, change out of seals, gaskets, spacers and bearings, servicing of valve stem, re-greasing of gear system and re-assembly. Estimated cost for a 20’’ valve is NGN 65,000.00 (Sixty-Five Thousand Naira) only.
    On-Line Corrective Maintenance (On-Line Valve Repairs)
    • Cost Estimate for a typical 20’’ Valve:
      This defers depending on the fault, valve brand, accessibility, etc. But typically this should include;
      Disassembly of valve gear system, cleaning, inspection and replacement of faulty components, in situ modification, valve flushing, conditioning and sealant injection. We have through the years developed standard and cost effective work methods without need for shutdowns in about 97% of cases. This could amount to about NGN 250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) only.
    Valve Replacement Costs for a typical 20’’ Valve;
    • Cost of process disruption or shut down for the replacement.
    • Cost of line preparation (flushing) and other activities sequel to change out.
    • Procurement, delivery time and hard ware costs.
    • Costs of removal and installation of valve.
    • Cost of hydro testing of valve, line reinstatement and commissioning.
    • Cost of decommissioning & re-commissioning of line.

    The above listed cost could conservatively amount to about NGN 5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) only. Based on the above analysis, it is advisable to carry out on-line preventive and corrective maintenance on valves.