Tangiers Global Services Nigeria Limited (TGSL) is a privately held Procurement, Engineering and Marine Support and Security Services business incorporated in 2005. The company was basically established with the aim of becoming the preferred integrated indigenous provider of procurement, engineering and offshore support and security services in Nigeria with international standards. We have been catering to these niches for over a decade.


To contribute substantially to the national objective of promoting the development and growth of indigenous companies engaged in the provision of services to diverse industries. This we do by providing exceptional, innovative and safer products and technologies, developing local and professional manpower to render quality services to our clientele, providing quality products and utilizing cutting edge technologies and equipment in association with our technical partners, thereby creating value for all stakeholders.


“Our vision is to be a premium future-driven procurement, engineering, maritime support and security services company that is able to set standards in services quality and add value in the areas of Oil and Gas, Maritime and other associated activities worldwide.”


These policies apply to all our businesses and employees. Compliance helps to sustain and enhance the good reputation of our company. We believe that every employee plays their part in building and strengthening the company as a whole.

Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics

As a company, we interface with clients, partners and suppliers all over the world. These groups, together with other organizations and individuals with which our businesses interact, take a close interest in what we do. Their opinions about us are influenced by our actions. A good reputation is not just important, it is essential to our on-going success. A key determinant of this reputation is how we all behave both as individuals and collectively.

In a complex world, it is impractical to set specific rules and regulations to cover every situation. However, this policy of business ethics provides clear standards and guidance for the business dealings of every employee. This policy outlines the standards that we must all attain and covers a range of different areas of activity. Whilst it cannot deal with every circumstance, it creates a framework to help us decide how to behave. It is designed to help set our interactions with colleagues and external stakeholders on strong ethical foundations.

Our objective is not only to protect the reputation of our company, but also to protect the interests of every employee by ensuring individual legal and regulatory compliance as well as responsible behaviour.

In conclusion, it is vitally important that we are, and can be seen to be, a responsible and ethical participant in our operating Industries.

Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES)

Our management is totally committed to the following Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) Policy:
To take all reasonable measures to make personnel, information and facilities secure; minimize the effect of our operations to our host communities, minimize injuries at the workplace and minimize environmental damage.
To be sensitive to the needs and concerns of our host communities. To establish and maintain standards for community affairs, safety, health, the environment and security within our company by adhering to all relevant aspects of applicable laws and meeting the high standards applicable to our operating industries.
To ensure that all company personnel are given the necessary information, instruction and training to enable them to work in a secure and safe manner so that they understand and can fulfill their responsibilities with regards to community affairs, safety, health, environmental and security requirements. To ensure that safety is an integral part of all the work performed by our company.


Our management is totally committed to the following Quality Policy and Objectives:
To achieve quality service by meeting clients’ requirements. To define and document the quality system for all functions of our company to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 latest edition.
To develop and use qualified personnel, trained with the necessary skills and experiences to perform their duties. To perform in accordance with the documented quality system with the aim of developing all products and services correctly the first time.
To ensure that the services and products we provide are in accordance with the contract, safety and legislative requirements.
To ensure that quality activities are specified to suppliers to maintain the overall level of quality of the project. To continually evaluate the quality system’s suitability and monitor its operation to improve its effectiveness.


For all our projects the need for effective reporting cannot be over emphasized. We have over the years developed a tailor made procedure that is based on setting a project network complete with back-up databases and reporting system. Project sales call reports are periodically sent to our technical partners abroad.
We have evolved a logically lined network using a work breakdown structure in which all activities are defined, including schedules, costs, critical analysis etc. All other project issues (technical, management, quality assurance, etc.) are prepared and documented using national and international standards and procedures in order to guarantee their suitability and conformity with our clients’ provisions and with the principles of the reference standards of the quality system.